Table of Contents:

Introduction to Digital Marketing: - How To Eliminate the Complexity of Online Marketing in 5 Minutes


Chapter 1: The 3-Step Bail Funnel Blueprint - How Aladdin Bail Bonds Spends $20,000/month on Google Ads


Chapter 2: How to Spy on Your Competitors Ads - Use Their Best Campaigns Against Them


Chapter 3: The "Perfect" Bail Business Website - 5 Keys to a Successful Website


Chapter 4: How to Get Targeted Traffic to Your Website - The Lazy Bondsman's Adwords Campaign




Introduction: How To Eliminate the Complexity of Online Marketing in 5 Minutes

Simplicity is the key to brilliance.
— Bruce Lee


Online Marketing is actually very simple:

At the most basic level, all you are trying to do is generate targeted traffic to your webpage, get those visitors to convert by taking an action, and keep track of everything going on with analytics so you can test and tweak things to improve your results.




The 3 Master-Key Concepts of Online Marketing:

Traffic: how You get people to your site (Google, social media, Email, etc)

Conversions: an action you want someone to take on your site (fill out a form, buy something)

Analytics: how you track what people are doing on your site. (Google analytics)


Everything you will do in Online Marketing fits into one of these three categories!

It's so easy to be confused by all the articles, services, blogs, and "educators" out there that want to sell you marketing when it really is as simple as 1, 2, 3!




Marketing Strategies can get very complex...

Below we have the Marketing Strategy Blueprint that we've used to audit a $100,000,000 per year car dealership chain.

Traffic: Here you see a business who is taking full advantage of all available traffic sources from referral sites, social media, organic search, and paid advertising.

Conversions: They also have a well structured conversion funnel that guides their visitors from taking advantage of their free content all the way to purchasing their most expensive products.

Analytics: They have their analytics set up properly so they can track their ROI and continually make tweaks to improve ROI month after month.



...But for our bail strategy we can keep it much simpler:




Chapter 1: The 3-Step Bail Funnel Blueprint

In our simple 3-Step Bail Funnel, we only need:

  • one traffic source (Adwords),

  • one conversion page (Landing Page

  • one analytics tool (Google Analytics)




Aladdin Bail Bonds $20k/Month Case Study

In this case study, we'll show you how Aladdin Bail Bonds is able to spend over $20,000 per month consistently knowing they make a profit on every dollar they spend.

How do they do it?

They used the proven 3-step advertising system:





1. Adwords gets Traffic to the Site: 

People search for a 'bail bonds' on Google and see the ads.

Many of them click to call right away. Others click the link to the website.


Investing $1,000 into Adwords at $20.00 per click would generate about 50 Clicks.




2. Landing Page Converts Visitors to Leads: 

A percentage of those 50 visitors will click the 'Call' button on the Google Ad or on the the Landing Page.


If the website did its job of converting 20%-35% of the 50 paid visitors to leads, we would end up with around 13 phone calls.




3. Analytics Helps Calculate the ROI: 


[$1,000 Investment] / [$20.00 per click] = 50 Clicks 

[50 Clicks] x [27.5% Conversion Rate] = 13 Calls

[13 Calls] x [30% close ratio] = 4 Customers

[4 Customers] x [$500 Average Sale] = $2,000 Revenue

[$2,000 Revenue] - [$1,000 Investment] = $1,000 Profit


*Thanks to analytics, we know that for every $1 spent on Adwords, this campaign makes $2, doubling our money!*

This means we can virtually spend as much money as possible on this system as long as the numbers hold up.



This 3-step system is by far the easiest and most reliable way to increase your bail calls....


Next we will go into how to reverse engineer your toughest competitors so you can outcompete them on your own.





Chapter 2: Reverse Engineering the Competition

--How to Steal Aladdin Bail Bonds $20,000/month Adwords Campaign--

In this chapter we are going to show you how to reverse engineer Aladdin Bail Bonds’ $20,000/month Adwords strategy so you can use it in your business.
— Andrew J. Kovach

Because we are human, we tend to avoid studying the strengths our competitors. Seeing someone else do a better job can lower our morale and belief in our business.

But the reality is we should celebrate when you've found a big competitor who has developed a winning marketing strategy.
If we can find an example of someone who's been spending a lot of money on Adwords for many years, it's safe to say they have probably figured out how to do it profitably. Why reinvent the wheel if someone has gone through the effort to do it already?

Copy the best elements of your competitors campaign and improve upon the weaknesses.




The two elements we want to learn from our top competitor is:


1. What keywords are they targeting successfully?'


2. What does their conversion page (website) look like?


First let's jump into how to reverse engineer a competitors Keywords:







How to 'Steal' Your Competitors Most Profitable Keywords


The scanner tool,, shows us a reverse engineered picture of the organic and paid advertising activity of a website (along with many other useful data points.)


Next we will be showing you how to use it to gain an edge.





Step 1: Search your top competitors in Spyfu.

List out your competitors and start plugging them into to get an idea of who is advertising most aggressively. 

Tip: To find competitors, start searching Google for others who are running ads. 





Step 2: Find out who's most dangerous

Find someone in your industry who spends more than $10,000 each month and has been doing Adwords for at least 2 years.

Aladdin Bail Bonds in California spends an estimated $20,000/month on Google Ads and has over 9 years of Adwords history. This means they have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years figuring out a working formula.



Step 3: Study Adwords History

This section is one of the most valuable in the tool.

From this panel you can learn the top 5 keywords they are spending money on and the exact ad copy they have tested during their campaign.

The idea is to use their ads and keywords as your starting point when launching a campaign since they have invested so much money in figuring out what works.


Chapter 3: The "Perfect" Bail Business Website

--The 5 Keys to a Successful Website--


This next part may surprise you. 

It goes against the grain of what 99% of bail bonds companies are doing with their website.

The main concept is... less is more when it comes to a bail bonds website.

You don't need a fancy website with multiple pages for this to work. In fact... it actually works better if you take all of the "important stuff" and organize it on just 1 page.

This is called a landing page. There are no links to other pages and really not that much content. 

We just need the essentials:

  •  Your logo and phone number at the top
  • A good Call-To-Action (Ex: "Get A Free Estimate! Call 555-555-5555)
  • An explanation of your warranty
  • 4-6 pictures of commercial roofs you've done
  • A brief explanation of exactly why someone should pick you over a competitor

A lot of people and companies tend to hide their "best stuff". 

(Like their website that converts 35% of visitors into a lead.)

Good news! 

Kovach Enterprises doesn't do that.

To make sure we hit our goal of doubling 1,000 roofing companies by January 1st, 2019... we keep things transparent and make it easy for you take action and succeed.

With that said... here's what the website looks like.


Chapter 3: How to Get Targeted Traffic to Your Website - The Lazy Bondsman's Adwords Campaign


I'm sure you know, there are 100+ ways to get traffic and get yourself seen on the internet. To keep it simple and avoid spending thousands of dollars on things that may potentially work... let's focus on just one predictable source of leads.

For this method, that source is Google Adwords.

Some of you may have already used Adwords and had a bad experience. Maybe you spent thousands of dollars and didn't get anything to show for it. That's very common and you're not alone. 

It's so common in fact, that I even wrote an article just talking about why roofing owners lose money with Adwords. (You can find that article in the Further Reading section at the bottom of the page)


Here are the basics of setting up your Adwords campaign. 


Select your Locations

Select a radius around your city, the whole state, or the counties you service.

If you're in San Diego and work within a 50 mile radius, it doesn't make much sense to show your ads nationwide. This will get very expensive and you'll get a lot of calls from marketing companies trying to sell you on SEO or advertising. 

I recommend carefully selecting only the areas you serve and displaying your ads to people in those areas.


Writing Great Ads

When writing your ads, you have limited room for getting your main selling points across. You get 2 headlines and a description with an 80 character limit. 

Make the most of your space by using a headline like "San Diego Commercial Roofing" and a sub-headline like "Get A Free 24 Hour Estimate".

Include your BBB rating, your warranty, and clear action that you want them to take. For this to work, your ads need to stick out on Google and get attention. See what your competitors' ads look like and try to out-do them.


Choosing The Best Keywords

Choosing the right keywords is very important. To keep tire kickers out and save money, make sure you're only going after keywords that have buying motivation behind them. 

A keyword like "commercial roofing" is pretty broad. Someone looking into starting a commercial roofing company could be searching that (low buying motivation). On the other hand, a slight tweak to the second word like "commercial roofers" means they're searching for a commercial roofer (higher buying motivation). It makes a big difference and keeps you from wasting money on tire kickers.

For starters, keep it simple and choose just a handful of keywords. Here's a list that you can start with:

"commercial roofers"
"commercial roofing companies"
"commercial roofing contractors"
"commercial roof repair"
"(your city) commercial roofing"
"(your state) commercial roofing"
"tpo roofing"
"metal roofing companies"


Set Your Budget

When it comes to the budget, you can do a daily or a monthly budget. I recommend going with the daily option to not spend too much too soon. If you only spend $10/day... you will get very few leads and it'll take a long time for the campaign to get its legs.

I recommend starting with a budget that will let you get 3-4 clicks per day. 

For example: If your average Cost-Per-Click is $8, set a budget of $40/day Monday - Friday. Running your ads 20 days per month at $40/day will cost $800/month. 

For that $800, you should get anywhere from 15-30 commercial roofing leads every month. 

Not too bad if you ask me. I have multiple commercial roofers around the US using this method to get $250,000+ jobs coming in every 6-8 weeks. After you sell your first job from these leads, you can increase your budget and go after 50+ or 100+ commercial leads per month. 

The sky is the limit when you know your numbers and have a system that you can scale. 

Chapter 4: Measure ROI for Guaranteed Returns - How to Spy on Your Website Visitors for Profit


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