Chapter 1: How To Eliminate the Complexity of Online Marketing in 5 Minutes

Simplicity is the key to brilliance.
— Bruce Lee


Online Marketing is actually very simple:

At the most basic level, all you are trying to do is generate targeted traffic to your webpage, get those visitors to convert by taking an action, and keep track of everything going on with analytics so you can test and tweak things to improve your results.


The 3 Master-Key Concepts of Online Marketing:

Traffic: how You get people to your site (Google, social media, Email, etc)

Conversions: an action you want someone to take on your site (fill out a form, buy something)

Analytics: how you track what people are doing on your site. (Google analytics)


Everything you will do in Online Marketing fits into one of these three categories!

It's so easy to be confused by all the articles, services, blogs, and "educators" out there that want to sell you marketing when it really is as simple as 1, 2, 3!


Chapter 2: The Ultimate Online Marketing Strategy Blueprint

Below we have the Marketing Strategy Blueprint that we've used to audit everyone from a 1 person service business all the way up to a $100,000,000 per year car dealership chain.

Traffic: Here you see a business who is taking full advantage of all available traffic sources from referral sites, social media, organic search, and paid advertising.

Conversions: They also have a well structured conversion funnel that guides their visitors from taking advantage of their free content all the way to purchasing their most expensive products.

Analytics: They have their analytics set up properly so they can track their ROI and continually make tweaks to improve ROI month after month.