You're Invited to be a Founding Member of Our LegalShield Online Marketing Mastermind Community

Stop running the hamster wheel of sales/marketing and start getting sales online.

LegalShield Executive Director Andrew Kovach is creating a community with the purpose of educating LegalShield Associates on how to run their business virtually from a laptop.

Launching July-15-2018

Pre-Order and Get Your FULL Membership Half Price!

*These Resources are going out to a very limited audience and will certainly increase in price. We are offering them at a massive discount in order to get some early feedback.

Are you struggling with outdated MLM tactics?

Are you tired of being told to just get out there and pound your friends and family with more information?

We are in the 21st century. Traditional business has moved on from these old tactics. 

When is the last time you've seen a door to door salesman? Did you know more people went Black Friday shopping online this year than showed up in a store?

It's time for LegalShield training to catch up with the times.

If you're ready to learn how to take your business 100% virtual and run your LegalShield business from you're laptop then you're ready to join the LegalShield Virtual Business Mastermind Community!

What You Get:

1. Access to our Private Facebook Group.

2. Access to our Top-Secret Stash of High Level Marketing Resources

3. LegalShield Ultimate Marketing Strategy Blueprint Includes:

  1. Traffic/Lead Generation sources

  2. Conversion Funnel Breakdown

  3. Analytics Checklist

  4. List of Online Analysis Tools

  5. Much more...

Pre-Order Bonus incentives:

  1. Half Price Life Time Membership

  2. Early Access to all new Weekly/Monthly Content

  3. Exclusive webinars and Focus meetings

Resources will be delivered within 48 hours of 7-15-2018


Launching July-15-2018

Pre-Order and Get Your FULL Membership Half Price!


It’s great to be a part of a community focused on how to leverage todays technology to really achieve money/time freedom. It’s the perfect mix of high-tech and high-touch.
— Igor Holt, LegalShield Director
I think technology is what really sets LegalShield apart from other companies and it’s such a huge advantage to be on the cutting edge of marketing technology.
— Ryan Sweigart, LegalShield Associate