Kovach Enterprises Sponsors Hot New Reality Show Feat. Money Mike and Nat-D from Mob Wives!

We are very happy to announce our full support for Mike and the Hustle Girls team!

About Hustle Girls:

Hustle Girls is a brand new reality TV show coming soon to major networks that will put young, female, self-proclaimed "hustlers" against each other to see who can raise $100,000 for charity the fastest. Think  “Bad Girls Club” meets “The Apprentice”.

The best part is that our boy, Self-Made “Money Mike” Huber, is going to co-host with Mob Wives star Natalie DiDonato while the incredibly talented Ben Jimerson-Phillips will lead the directing and production.

How to Get Involved:

The whole celebrity crew is going on a nationwide tour, hosting casting parties at all of the hottest clubs to see who thinks they have what it takes to be one of few lucky “Hustle Girls.”

Come Party With Us!

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