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Chapter 1: How To Eliminate the Complexity of Online Marketing in 5 Minutes




Generating Bail Calls with Google Adwords is actually very simple:

At the most basic level, all you are trying to do is generate very targeted traffic to your high-conversion webpage, get those visitors to convert by taking an action, and keep track of everything going on with analytics so you can test and tweak things to improve your results.

The 3 Master-Key Concepts of Online Marketing:

Traffic: how You get people to your site (Google, social media, Email, etc)

Conversions: an action you want someone to take on your site (fill out a form, buy something)

Analytics: how you track what people are doing on your site. (Google analytics)


Everything you will do in Online Marketing fits into one of these three categories!

It's so easy to be confused by all the articles, services, blogs, and "educators" out there that want to sell you marketing when it really is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Chapter 2: The Ultimate Online Marketing Strategy Blueprint

Below we have the Marketing Strategy Blueprint that we've used to audit everyone from a 1 person service business all the way up to a $100,000,000 per year car dealership chain.


Traffic: Here you see a business who is taking full advantage of all available traffic sources from referral sites, social media, organic search, and paid advertising.

Conversions: They also have a well structured conversion funnel that guides their visitors from taking advantage of their free content all the way to purchasing their most expensive products.

Analytics: They have their analytics set up properly so they can track their ROI and continually make tweaks to improve ROI month after month.

Here at Kovach Enterprises, we do our best to educate bail business owners on what's working these days when it comes to making your phone ring with quality bail leads.


You guys have been giving us awesome feedback on the Kovach Enterprises Facebook page, and I want to thank you for that. 

Back in August I wrote an article on bail call generation that went viral on Facebook and was read over 1,300 times in the first week and shared 67 times.

The response was overwhelming. 

We were flooded with messages from bondsmen asking how to actually get more commercial roofing leads.

As the saying goes... Ask and you shall receive.

The easiest way to get 30 or more bail leads in the next 30 days.

Before we jump into the how-to, let's start off with some proof. 

Who knows... I could be making all of this up. It's the internet after all!

43 clicks from Google. 15 of which called for an estimate. 
Cost per commercial lead = $32.97
This bail company in Oregon was able to get 15 leads in 30 days for $32.97. (Total cost was $494.55 for the month)

How did they do it?

It's pretty simple. They had a turnkey system to generate leads online. 

They used Google Adwords to rank at the top for keywords like "bail bonds san antonio" and "bail bonds near me" and then sent those visitors to a simple website that gave the visitors what they were looking for.

The website did its job of getting people to call in. 35% of the visitors decided to call for an estimate or submit their contact information. 

Math time:

43 Visitors x 35% Conversion Rate = 15 Leads

Even though they paid over $11.50 per visitor, it all worked out because the visitors were turning into leads. The website did a great job of converting a new visitor into a lead, so we will start with the website.


The "Perfect" Bail Bond Business Website

This next part may surprise you. 

It goes against the grain of what 99% of bail companies are doing with their website. 

The main concept is... less is more when it comes to a bail business website.

You don't need a fancy website with multiple pages for this to work. In fact... it actually works better if you take all of the "important stuff" and organize it on just 1 page.

This is called a landing page. There are no links to other pages and really not that much content. 

We just need the essentials:

Your logo and phone number at the top

  1. A good Call-To-Action (Ex: "Available 24/7. Call Now! 555-555-5555)

  2. A brief explanation of the bail process

  3. 4-6 testimonials from clients you've helped

  4. A brief explanation of exactly why someone should pick you over a competitor


A lot of people and companies tend to hide their "best stuff". 

(Like their website that converts 35% of visitors into a lead.)

Good news! 

Kovach Enterprises doesn't do that.

To make sure we hit our goal of doubling 1,000 bail bond companies by January 1st, 2019... we keep things transparent and make it easy for you take action and succeed.

With that said... here's what the website looks like.

We condensed 5 pages of content down to just 1 page and left out the rest. This makes it easy for visitors to learn about the company and make the decision to either get an estimate or leave the website & move on.

Pretty cool, right?

"Ok Andrew, I know what the website is supposed to look like... but how do I get people to actually go to it?"

Well... let's talk about that next...

How to get people to your website

I'm sure you know, there are 100+ ways to get traffic and get yourself seen on the internet. To keep it simple and avoid spending thousands of dollars on things that may potentially work... let's focus on just one predictable source of leads.

For this method, that source is Google Adwords.

Some of you may have already used Adwords and had a bad experience. Maybe you spent thousands of dollars and didn't get anything to show for it. That's very common and you're not alone. 

It's so common in fact, that I even wrote an article just talking about why roofing owners lose money with Adwords. (You can find that article in the Further Reading section at the bottom of the page)


Here are the basics of setting up your Adwords campaign. 


Step 1: Select Your Locations

Select a radius around your city, the whole state, or the counties you service. If you're in San Antonio and work within a 50 mile radius, it doesn't make much sense to show your ads nationwide. This will get very expensive and you'll get a lot of calls from marketing companies trying to sell you on SEO or advertising. 

I recommend carefully selecting only the areas you serve and displaying your ads to people in those areas.


Step 2: Write Great Ads

When writing your ads, you have limited room for getting your main selling points across. You get 2 headlines and a description with an 80 character limit. 

Make the most of your space by using a headline like "San Antonio Bail Bonds" and a sub-headline like "Zero Down. Bail Now. Pay Later.".

Include your BBB rating, your offer, and clear action that you want them to take. For this to work, your ads need to stick out on Google and get attention. See what your competitors' ads look like and try to out-do them.


Step 3: Choosing The Best Keywords

Choosing the right keywords is very important. To keep unqualified leads away and save money, make sure you're only going after keywords that have buying motivation behind them. 

A keyword like "bail" is pretty broad. Someone looking into starting a bail bond company could be searching that (low buying motivation). On the other hand, a slight tweak to the second word like "bail bonds san antonio" means they're searching for a bonding company in your area (higher buying motivation). It makes a big difference and keeps you from wasting money on people outside of your target market.

For starters, keep it simple and choose just a handful of keywords. Here's a list that you can start with:

  1. [bail bonds]

  2. [bail bonds near me]

  3. +bail +bonds +san +antonio

  4. +san +antonio +bail +bonds


Step 4: Set Your Budget

When it comes to the budget, you can do a daily or a monthly budget. I recommend going with the daily option to not spend too much too soon. If you only spend $10/day you will get very few leads and it'll take a long time for the campaign to get its legs.

I recommend starting with a budget that will let you get 3-4 clicks per day. 

For example: If your average Cost-Per-Click is $15, set a budget of $75/day Monday - Friday. Running your ads 20 days per month at $75/day will cost $1,500/month. 

For that $1,500, you should get anywhere from 20-30 local bail leads every month. 


Not too bad if you ask me. The top bail companies in the US are using this method to make $250,000+ every 6-8 weeks. After you get your first bond from these leads, you can increase your budget and go after 50+ or 100+ commercial leads per month. 

The sky is the limit when you know your numbers and have a system that you can scale. 

Hopefully this guide has given you a new way of looking lead generation. You don't need to rely on referrals for leads anymore. You can have your own system that gets you a steady stream of commercial roofing leads without breaking the bank. 

If you want to learn more about how this can work for you, I can walk you through the system and answer any questions you have.

Schedule a 1-on-1 Bail-Calls Blueprint call with me by clicking on this link.

The Bail-Calls Blueprint is a free 45 minute call where you and I will create custom blueprint that will show you exactly how you can generate more commercial roofing leads.

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As always, thank you for reading. 


PS: Here's the link to schedule your free 1-on-1 Bail-Calls Blueprint.